7 Random but Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $10

1. 25″ Telescoping Magnetic Grabber

Dropping a screw can be pretty annoying. Use this magnetic grabber to make your life just a little easier

2. Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

I’m a big fan of using the bathroom in the dark. But, I’m definitely interested in what looking down to see a blue glow emanating from my undercarriage would look like.

3. Mini Screwdriver‘s for Keychain

Honestly these would come in handy for a ton of things. Could even use them as a bottle opener.

4. Nail Polish Bottle Holder

I don’t paint my nails. But, it doesn’t look easy. This looks like it might make it just a tad bit more convenient.

5. Avocado Slicer

Something about millennials and avocado toast, amirite?

6. Silicone Oven Mitts

These should even work well for opening those hard to open salsa cans.

7. Wooden Foot Massager for Plantar Fascitis

This couple looks insanely happy using this. Maybe too happy?

Five Ways to Make Money Working from Home

1. Get Paid for Completing Tasks Like Surveys and Watching Videos.

Inbox Dollars is a website will pay you in real dollars (not points redeemable for crap) when you complete surveys, watch commercials, play games and more. This is one of the quickest ways to make money working from home. Sign up is quick and easy – and the first five dollars is on us via a sign up bonus. Already signed up with them? Try out these competitors and get more bonuses: Survey Junkie // Survey Voices

2. Deliver Food via Postmates.

Deliver food with Postmates. Technically, you do have to leave your house for this one, but you were going to leave to get lunch anyways. Might as well skip that afternoon siesta and pick up a few deliveries while earning some money.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Start a blog / affiliate account. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a website and wait for thousands of viewers to start earning pennies from ads. Utilize affiliate networks like MaxBounty, VigLink and SkimLinks to capitalize on your social media presence. I started my affiliate career with under 10,000 followers and it made me much more money than I ever expected. Currently, I have over 30,000 followers across all accounts and platforms. This has allowed me to make all of my money working from home completely.

4. Sell Digital Services via Fiverr or Other Freelance Websites

Offer professional services via Fiverr. I have personally used Fiverr for a variety of tasks including logo design, web development, cold calling and more. There’s even something to be said for using Fiverr to outsource even larger scale work. Think of creating your own online marketing agency or consultant form. Keep in mind, making extra money from home isn’t always a linear path. Sometimes, thinking outside the box can lead to even bigger things.

5. Build Your Side Hustle / New Career / Dream Business

Spend any extra or free time you have building a side hustle / career. This one is a little bit of a longer play. There may not be any immediate financial returns. However, if you are passionate about creative revenue streams, consider things like real estate, Amazon or e-commerce sales, retail arbitrage and more. If you have the both freedom of time and mental space, you might be best served using them to build a business.