Walmart YMMV / In Store Discount Guide

So you’ve seen a post on Twitter with a “In Store Discount” tag and you’ve clicked on the link and you’re now confused.

No big deal – I’m here to guide you through it.

Any time you see something listed as In Store Deal or Discount, it is just that – a price available in store only. Now – what you need to know, is that it is not at every Walmart store location, it’s likely going to take some effort to find it, and your mileage may vary (YMMV) aka there’s no guarantee.

Here are the steps that I use when trying to score an in store deal:

  1. Check price – specifically after changing the zip code on the site to reflect your local code. You would be surprised how often sale prices actually come up here. This makes life easier if it does, and even opens up some possibilities to price match stores like BestBuy or Target.
  2. Download and check in store price via Walmart app – this also often will get you some really valuable info
  3. Use provided SKU and an inventory checker website to verify in store price and availability – the two most popular are Brickseek and WMScan
  4. Once you have done all of those, you should have a decent idea of what the information is telling you, and it’s now time to make a decision on driving to the store and attempting to find the item or skipping it.

Some notes regarding that decision

  • If it says Limited Stock – I would skip it. Many followers have had luck, but in my personal opinion and experience, limited stock is usually not a positive result
  • The information you are seeing is correct. Whether or not the store has the item is a different story. Theft, return to vendors, UPC changes – all of these things can happen and throw inventory off
  • NEVER be rude to employees. If you are going to seek their assistance, do so nicely.
  • Calling ahead of time is not recommended. This can alert employees to great deals and encourage them to purchase the items themselve
  • If the item is ringing up at the desired price, the store should sell it to you. There are instances where they will fight you on this – ask for a manager or stay in the store while calling customer service

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